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Lenouvelan Decor Studio

Architectural and spatial design, lighting, furniture, and home automation to create a space which is perfect for you.

Whether the scope is a full renovation or simply to add some finishing touches, our team are here to take a project from concept to completion!

Let yourself some soft furnishings, sculptures, and artwork or beautiful kitchen accessories and linen - we create fancy something for every taste.

How It Works


We schedule the date and meet you at your place to get to know you, your ideas, and your thoughts about the design, take photos of the place and measure time and budget.


We start all aspects of our design with the concept – this is illustrated to the client through imagery, color mood schemes, sketches, materials, and visualizations.


We then take these inspirations through to the schematic design stage, with more technical drawings, CGIs and rendered drawings produced in order to convey our vision to our client.


We continue to add detail and thought to each and every individual aspect of the project right up until installation, providing a list of chosen furniture, materials, and decor somethings.


We schedule the date and come to your place with all the materials, items, and professional skills. We cover each and every process from smoothing out the walls and painting the floor to installing fancy items and plants.

Range Of Services

Interior Design Advice

Together, we go through your home, evaluating your wants and needs, and setting priorities. We provide you solutions to the aspects you are unsure about, help with the choice of items and answer your questions.

Full-Service Design

We create the floorplan, including flooring, wall coverings, cabinetry, countertops, and furniture. We then source all products and materials for installation. Our workers bring it to life.

Paint Consultation

This service is meant to take the trial and error out of your hands and is perfect for anyone who is overwhelmed by choice, doesn’t have the time, or needs a gentle push to try something bolder.

Benefits Of Working With Us

Correct Planning

Our professional designers will be able to plan your living space with maximum efficiency. Every square meter will be used to complete a full rococo image.

Specification And Visualization

Modern technologies allow seeing how your apartment will look after transformation. A detailed 3D visualization of the interior will help to plan a design specially for you.

Functional And Unique Style

Our designers create a plan of your living space suitable for all the interior specialties with all your requirements and desires mentioned.


We treasure your time and budget, working within your measures and schedule. You can also change dates in advance and get professional support any time a day.

About us

Phyllis Garrod a professional home decorator
Lenouvelan Decor Studio is fully staffed with incredibly talented and experienced designers who can meet by appointment in your home or take you through our unbelievable showcase. We offer full-service design and build, from personal design consultations and custom pieces to a top to toe renovation, including design drawings, product and material sourcing, construction and project management. We pride ourselves on our transparency and are always upfront about budget, so no need to worry about any surprises.

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